A WORLDWIDE campaign designed to tackle antibiotic resistance is being supported by an Oldham GP.

Dr Zahid Chauhan, a GP at Royton Medical practice, has teamed up with Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) to encourage people to make a few simple changes now and stop demanding antibiotics from their doctor.

Resistance to antibiotics is rated as a dangerous threat to human health by the World Health Organisation with overuse of antibiotics resulting in them becoming useless in treating some conditions.

Dr Chauhan’s take on the problem is featured in a major film to mark World Antibiotics Awareness Week.

He said: “Bacteria are clever things and they are always changing and they find ways of becoming resistant to treatment like antibiotics.

“If you have a low immune system and antibiotics don’t work any more, you could be in danger of picking up a very serious infection which could result in conditions like sepsis.

“If we don’t find alternatives to antibiotics, people will die from simple conditions like pneumonia.”

He is urging Oldhamers to remember that antibiotics won’t cure colds or flu, so never challenge doctors to prescribe them and to only use antibiotics when they are prescribed by a health carer.

Out-of-date antibiotics should never be used and people can stop the growth of infections by washing their hands and being diligently hygienic.

Although the subject is a serious one, ANTRUK is urging people to get together with friends and family and organise a Great British Tea Party to talk about the issue and raise money to fund research into the modern medicines which could solve this crisis.

Prof Colin Garner, the chief executive of ANTRUK added: “The Great British Tea Party is a fine, fun and friendly way to raise this vital subject and do something practical to solve it.

“ANTRUK will give you a fundraising pack which even includes a unique cake recipe by Great British Bake Off winner, Jo Wheatley.

“The event may also be a great way to get to know your community, beat isolation and show the rest of society that you care about our health now and that of our children and grandchildren.”

To order your Great British Tea Party fundraising pack, visit antibioticresearch.org.uk or phone 01904 468719.

The film is also on YouTube