A FORMER Oldham councillor has been awarded a medal by a Czech university for his “extraordinary contributions to the development of the university”.

John Anchor, professor of international strategy and associate dean (international) in the Huddersfield Business School, was presented with the medal by the rector (vice chancellor) of the Technical University of Liberec in the Czech Republic.

The award took place at a special meeting of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Economics which had been convened to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

It follows a close relationship between Huddersfield and Liberec, which has seen them in a number of EU funded projects and programmes to recruit students from the country to study for degrees.

Prof Anchor, who was cabinet member for housing from 2000-2003 , said: “I am delighted to have received the medal in recognition of the close relationship which has been established as a result of the foresight and hard work of a number of colleagues during the past 25 years.”