MEDICS go out of their way to administer flu jabs for the homeless and vulnerable.

A team from the newly established Homeless-Friendly scheme is touring various homeless charities and drop-in sessions throughout December.

Their latest flu jab clinic took place at the Salvation Army's Oldham base in Roundthorn Road, as part of the church's long-established Friday drop-in session.

During their visit, the team met a man who was left with just six teeth after 20 months of living on the streets.

Lieutenant Jonathan Pitts from the Salvation Army corps said: "The people who come to us are suffering from a lack of personal care, mental health issues, substance abuse and chest issues caused by the damp conditions they are living in."

The drop-in sessions, which provide hot food, activities and job search opportunities, were launched by Neil Meuse, who also runs courses on overcoming addiction.

Mr Meuse, a former homeless heroin and alcohol addict, said: "When I was on the streets, all I could think about was my addiction.

"Then I met the Salvation Army who gave me a tent and some food and sent me to the Acorn Treatment Centre. Now I journey with people and tell myself, 'I don’t want to be the person I was, again.'"

The flu clinic was backed by medics from the NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group.

The Homeless-Friendly scheme aims to help both the homeless and those at risk of losing property, or living in temporary accommodation.

Programme founder Dr Zahid Chauhan said: "Malnutrition, hypothermia, coping with addiction and extreme dental pain are among the daily issues rough sleepers face and contribute to a life expectancy of just 47-years-of-age.

"We are aiming to reach out to the homeless and remind them that they are valued. We are also encouraging organisations to provide the services that can help lift the vulnerable out of poverty for good."

Dr Chauhan added: "We simply cannot ignore the huge health problems homeless and other vulnerable people face, particularly at this time of year when the weather is cold and illness amongst street sleepers is rife."

The Salvation Army at Roundthorn Road is looking for volunteers to help at their drop-in centres, which take place between 11am and 1pm every Friday.

To get involved, contact or call 0161 624 6550.