SAFER sex history takes centre stage in new LGBT arts exhibition at Gallery Oldham.

Campaigning on the subject in Greater Manchester and stories from those involved and affected over the past three decades is currently on show alongside a video history project from February 5-24 to coincide with LGBT History Month.

LGBT Foundation’s project "Let’s Talk About Sex" celebrates and commemorates over 30 years of safer sex promotion in the region's LGBT communities, from the initial response in the wake of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s through to the present day.

The Heritage Lottery supported project delves into the dramatic journey of Greater Manchester LGBT communities fusing art, history and stories of personal experiences to highlight stories of campaigning and activism around sexual health.

Researcher and curator, Mike Upton, has worked with local LGBT communities to record the stories of people involved and affected by campaigns on sexual health and produce an exhibit that showcases the rich histories of campaigns and initiatives that made Manchester a front-runner in the national response to HIV/AIDS.

“The project is the culmination of almost a year’s work and charts an important part of Greater Manchester’s LGBT history, so it made sense to choose LGBT History Month to launch the exhibit," said Mike.

“As someone who has worked in sexual health for several years, I appreciate the impact this has had on the people’s lives over the past three decades - from the activist roots in response to the AIDS crisis, to recent developments such as PrEP.

“The personal stories of the past three decades form an important part of the project and I can genuinely say that listening and recording the 45 individual stories was a fascinating experience.”

Paul Martin, chief executive of LGBT Foundation, added: “LGBT Foundation is built on a rich history of grassroots activism and community involvement.

"Sexual health and safe sex promotion has played a significant part in our development and we have continued to provide a listening ear, support and information to individuals who had nowhere else to turn.

"We are delighted to have with Mike and the local community on this project, which will provide a lasting legacy to the stories people and events that have shaped safe sex promotion in Greater Manchester over the past 35 years.”