OLDHAMERS are being urged to give themselves a special Valentines's Day present and get tested for sexually transmitted infections.

As people plan romantic evenings out or quiet nights in it’s inevitable that some will have unplanned and unprotected sex.

This increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy and catching sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV.

Oldham Sexual Health, which is provided by Virgin Care, is urging locals to stay safe and get tested.

Joyce Jones, Service Manager at Virgin Care’s Oldham Sexual Health Service, said: “Around Valentine’s Day we know that people will have increased sexual activity. For this reason it’s so important that people get tested for sexually transmitted infections. They can do this at our services by calling or using the sexual health hub to book an appointment, attend a walk-in session and request a postal testing kit.

“People of all ages are at risk of catching and spreading sexually transmitted infections so everybody should be aware of the dangers and take precautions. Carry a condom with you so you can’t be caught unprepared. If you do have unprotected sex, make sure you get a check-up through your local sexual health service.”

The service offers locals of all ages advice and guidance on sexual health issues and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, as well as information on emergency contraception and how to get it.

The Sexual Health Hub (www.thesexualhealthhub.co.uk) also allows users to check out symptoms, read more about sexually transmitted infections, and book an appointment 24 hours a day to get tested at a local clinic.

Last year, more than 325 people accessed postal testing kits via the Hub while almost 10% of all service appointments were made online, but services expect numbers to be higher this year.