A REPLICA model of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) rolled into Oldham last week.

Visitors beheld a life-size reproduction of the innovative car, which will cover one mile in just over three seconds.

Members of Bloodhound SSC project were on hand to showcase the 1,000mph car, which is designed to break the sound barrier and set a new world landspeed record.

Oldhamers were given an insight into the project, which aims to inspire a new generation of mechanical engineers.

The model was on display at a two-day open event held at Hollinwood-based Metconnect Ltd. The firm is a sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC project.

Christopher Gould, general manager at Metconnect Ltd, said: "Through our sole sponsorship of the Bloodhound SSC it's with great pride to have the replica car on show at our premises in Failsworth before the world record attempt.

"The Metconnect open days allow us to bring together the best in welding, abrasive and industrial products. Oldham and the North-West is a hotbed of industry, and we are extremely proud to showcase our services."

Visitors heard from Tony Parraman, who worked for Bloodhound for almost 10 years, first within events and more recently as head of sponsor liaison.

Mr Parraman, a former school teacher, said: "I do this to make a difference to people's lives.

"It's fantastic to be a part of something that is going to make history. It is not often that life throws you something that could potentially last forever. Through our education programme, we hope this car will inspire the next generation of engineers.

"My personal highlight was shaking hands with Neil Armstrong. He came to visit the car while on holiday from the USA, around six years ago.

"The project is full of these little moments."

The Bloodhound SSC covers four-and-a-half football pitches in one second, and consumes one-and-a-half tonnes of fuel in just 15 seconds.

Testing has largely taken place in the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, a mud and salt pan in the Kalahari Desert.

A team of 315 people helped remove 16,000 tonnes of stone from 22 million square metres of dry lakebed, to create the Bloodhound SSC its very own runway.

The testing zone, the largest area of land ever cleared by hand for a motorsport event, is the equivalent size of a dual carriageway running from Bristol to Moscow.

The same level of detail has been incorporated into the car design itself. At its height, there were 106 people on the team, including engineers, production staff, educators and PR staff.

John Wood, education ambassador for Bloodhound SSC, who also worked on the Thrust SSC project, said: "The design of the Bloodhound is totally different. The Thrust SSC had two engines side-by-side with the cockpit down the centre.

"With the Bloodhound, you have two engines, one on top of the other.

"Everything we have done has focused on aerodynamic principles, and keeping it on the ground."

He added: "I have loved working with fantastic people on these projects.

"Everything we are doing is just that little bit further than has been done before."