INVESTIGATIONS have been launched after two separate vehicle fires in Hollins - both are being treated as deliberate.

A man had to be evacuated from his home in Fir Tree Avenue after a white Seat car was set ablaze close to his property.

The fire damaged fencing and caused a gas leak from a pipe just outside the house.

Crews from Hollins were called to the incident at 2.40am this morning (March 6).

Hollins watch manager Tony Morgan said: "The car was right up against the property and as there were lots of flames and smoke, we were concerned it would spread to someone's house.

"We evacuated the man as a precaution but once the fire was extinguished, he was allowed back inside.

"We remained at the scene until the gas engineers arrived to make it safe."

A campervan was also on fire in Hollins in the early hours of this morning (March 6).

Flames and smoke issued from an old Talbot sleeper van in Hollins Road that was completely damaged due to the fire at 1.20am.

Mr Morgan said: "The fire was well developed. It looked like it could have affected a nearby property so we initially blocked the road off.

"The fire was close to a property and affected the traffic. Lots of smoke was created across the road.

"The van had all sorts of belongings in it which had been ruined by the blaze.

"We have involved the police in both incidents because we believe they were deliberate."

A small section of Hollins Road was closed off near Copster Park but has since been reopened.