FRIENDS at a Glodwick mosque pooled together to lend a helping hand to vulnerable members of the community in the face of the cold weather.

Greengate Mosque in Greengate Street provided hot food and shelter to those who needed it due to the snow and ice.

The kind-hearted team of volunteers organised a place to stay and transport to those who became stranded.

A message on the associated Facebook group read: "As the severe conditions continue, we recognise that many people will not be able to heat their homes, or be able to leave the home for essential errands or have access to hot meals.

"As a Muslim community, we feel we have a responsibility to serve the wider community and this is most important when people are in the hour of greatest need.

"The Greengate Jamia Masjid, 88 Greengate Street, Oldham, are offering free hot meals and a warm place to stay during the day as well as help to find a place to sleep during the night.

"If you are unable to get to the Masjid, please contact us and we will arrange transport to collect you."

Volunteers also made themselves available to help residents with their shopping, deliver essential items to people's doorsteps, and make trips to the hospital or doctors surgeries.

They also offered lifts to doctors, nurses and other community roles, to help them get to work.

The post also said: "We recognise there are many elderly and vulnerable people who don’t have access to social media, but may be in need of assistance, please do pass this message on to anyone who may need some assistance.

"Finally, we need volunteers! If you want to lend a hand with any of the above please call into the Masjid - we’re all in this together."