Debbie Abrahams has been forced to stand down from Labour's front bench amid a bullying row.

The Oldham East and Saddleworth MP was appointed shadow secretary for work and pensions in June 2016, having previously served as shadow minister for disabled people.

But she has now had to leave her post against her will while an investigation over an 'employment issue' is investigated.

Ms Abrahams' has reacted angrily to the move and claims she has been the victim of bullying herself.

She said: "I refute the allegations that have been made against me in the strongest possible terms.

"I will fight this spurious claim and do not rule out taking legal action.

"I have had no details about the complaint, who it is from, the process or timescales. I have not agreed to stand aside.

"My treatment by certain individuals in the Leader's Office over the last 10 months has been aggressive, intimidating and wholly unprofessional.

"My treatment in the last week has shown a bullying culture of the worst kind. As such I am making a formal complaint to both the Labour Party and Parliamentary Authorities.”

Ms Abrahams' deputy Margaret Greenwood will act as shadow secretary of state for work and pensions while the inquiry is carried out.

No details have been given of the allegations against Ms Abrahams, but Labour sources have let it be known that there had been a number of complaints.

Shadow defence secretary Nia Griffiths told BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour it would be "wrong to apportion blame" until an investigation had been carried out, but added that she hoped the the party would "make sure that they do a thorough investigation of all sides".

She added: "We do now have processes in place in the Labour Party to investigate fully and I think what is most important is that people are able to come forward if they do feel things are not right, and to report them..

The investigation will enable the allegations to be looked at properly in full, and for Debbie Abrahams to be made fully aware of them."

The stand-off threatens to trigger the worst crisis in Mr Corbyn's leadership since the mass shadow cabinet resignations following the EU referendum in 2016.