Oldham Council has published the list of candidates for the local elections on May 3.

There a total of 90 contenders across the town’s 20 wards with one seat being contested in each area.

There are also two by-elections – one in Chadderton Central and another in Hollinwood.

They include a total of 22 candidates respectively from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, 16 from the Green party and seven independent candidates and one from The Liberal Party.

Returning officer and council chief executive Dr Carolyn Wilkins said: “The candidates have now been finalised and we’re under a month away from the local elections.

“These elections are extremely important to our town and the successful candidates will have a big influence on the place you live over the next few years.

“As a result I would urge people to study the candidates carefully so they can make an informed decision and, most importantly, ensure you are registered to vote.”

Oldham Council has been running a social media campaign for the last two months aimed at ensuring residents don’t forget to register. It has reached more than 20,000 people.

Posters are also being put up in public buildings and the Electoral Commission have also been carrying out their own nationwide promotional campaign.

To register to vote, simply people should visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and to register for a postal vote, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote.

The full list of candidates is as follows: Alexandra – Liaqat Ali, Liberal Democrats; Luke Charles Laurence Lancaster, Conservative; David William Maybury, Green; Shaid Mshtaq, Labour.

Chadderton Central – Louie Hamblett, Liberal Democrats; Mohammed Shah Jahan, Conservative; Mohammed Shahriyar M Jayan, Conservative; Stephen Lynch, Liberal Democrats; Jess Mahoney, Green; Colin McLaren, Labour; Elaine Taylor, Labour.

Chadderton South – Robert Barnes, Conservative; Brian Lord, Liberal Democrats; Frank Rothwell, Independent; Arooj Shah, Labour; Melody Walker, Green.

Chadderton North – Mohammed Riaj Alom, Conservative; Barbara Susan Brownridge, Labour; Daniel Clayton, Green; John Hall, Liberal Democrats.

Coldhurst – Sean Curley, Conservative; Abdul Malik, Labour; Rachel Mary Pendlebury, Liberal Democrats; Saleh Uddin Talukdar, Green.

Crompton - Alexander Jones-Casey, Labour; Tom Lord, Conservative; Dave Murphy, Liberal Democrats; Louise Tindall, Independent.

Failsworth West – Warren William Bates, Independent; Peter Davis, Labour; Andy Hunter-Rossall, Green; Paul Martin, Conservative; Lynn Christine Thompson, Liberal Democrats.

Failsworth East – Alan Stuart Belmore, Liberal Democrats; Norman Briggs, Labour; Antony Cahill, Conservative; Dean Colin Ludford, Independent; Chris Parr, Green.

Hollinwood – John David Caddick, Conservative; Richard Neville Darlington, Liberal Democrats; Martin Dinoff, Liberal Democrats; Sajjad Hussain, Conservative; Martin William Judd, Labour; Jean Mary Stretton, Labour.

Medlock Vale – Barbara Ann Beeley, Liberal Democrats; Jean Betteridge, Green; Philip Edward Howarth, Independent; Michele Stockton, Conservative; Yasmin Kosar Toor, Labour.

Royton North –Allan Robert Fish, Conservative; Russell Gosling, Liberal Democrats; Hannah Jane Roberts, Labour; Lina Shaw, Green.

Royton South – Marie Ann Bashford, Labour; Ken Berry, Liberal Democrats; Lewis Quigg, Conservative; Jim Stidworthy, Green.

Saddleworth North – Pam Byrne, Conservative; John Douglas Eccles, Liberal Democrats; George Harry Robert Hulme, Labour.

Saddleworth South – Helen Louise Bishop, Independent; Jamie Curley, Conservative; Catherine Hunter-Rossall, Green; Ian Brian Manners, Labour and Cooperative; John Francis McCann, Liberal Democrats.

Saddleworth West & Lees – Sam Al-Hamdani, Liberal Democrats; Andris Ricardo D’Adamo, Conservative; Valerie Leach, Labour.

Shaw – Phelyp Bennett, Conservative; Angie Farrell, Liberal; Hazel Gloster, Liberal Democrats; Ken Rustidge, Labour and Cooperative.

St James – Ginny Alexander, Labour; Stephen Barrow, Liberal Democrats; Nicola Jeffrey-Sykes, Conservative; Roger Mark Pakeman, Green.

St Marys – David Allen Atherton, Conservative; Pat Lord, Liberal Democrats; Miranda Meadowcroft, Green; Ali Umer Aqeel, Labour.

Waterhead – Riaz Ahmad, Labour; Neil Allsopp, Conservative; Andrea Chaverra Valencia, Green; Linda Dawson, Liberal Democrats; Carl Roberts, Independent.

Werneth Ward – Shoab Akhtar, Labour; Heath Fletcher, Conservative; Keith Pandlebury, Liberal Democrats.