MEMBERS of the Manchester Palestine Action group have taken part in a protest outside the Elbit Ferranti factory in Oldham, which it says makes weapons for Israeli armed forces.

The reception area at Cairo House, in Waterhead was closed by the company and another Elbit factory, Instro Precision in Broadstairs, Kent, was closed by activists from Kent, London and Brighton, in the action today.

Adie Mormech, of the Manchester group, said the protest was taking place in support of the #GreatReturnMarch where 46 unarmed Palestinian protestors in Gaza have been killed and thousands shot in the last six weeks.

Members of the protest include Palestinians and others who have spent time doing human rights work or teaching in Gaza and the West Bank.

Mr Mormech, a teacher, lost two of his students during Israel's bombing of Gaza in 2014 when 2,200 people were killed and 500 children in 50 days.

Ferranti at Oldham was sold to Israeli-owned Elbit in 2007 for £15m.

It is claimed by the pro Palestinian group that since the company is engaged in the development of drone technology for use in warfare, among other technologies, ranging from artillery and land-based vehicles to naval weapons platforms to aircraft.

“Most deaths which occur in Palestine are from drone attacks,” said Mr Mormech.

Elbit Ferranti have been contacted by The Oldham Times for comment.