MILLIONS of TV viewers will be tuning in on Saturday night to see whether retired Saddleworth police officer Bill manages to "cop off" on a Take Me Out over 50s special.

Sixty-five-year-old Bill is one of three contestants hoping host Paddy McGuinness will help him find a bobby dazzler in a one-off edition of the popular ITV show.

Bill, who has been widowed for four years, will be braving the love lift to face a line-up of "Flirty Thirty" single Golden Girls all looking for their perfect love match.

Hoping to fit the "Bill", they include a former nun, an ex-girlfriend of Hollywood-heartthrob Jason Statham and a single lady on the lookout for husband number six.

With seven weddings - soon to be eight - and five babies, Take Me Out, now in its 10th series, has played Cupid to many happy couples over the years.

Lord of the love match, Paddy, said: “I’m swapping the love lift for a stair lift for this one-off special! "Proving that it’s never too late to date, I’ve gathered together 30 fabulous older ladies hoping to match with the silver fox of their dreams. It’s a really heart-warming show and a lot of fun.”

He explained the thinking behind the show and his views on the difficulties dating poses for older folk on today's hi-tech scene.

"We did an OAP special for Text Santa about four or five years ago, but we only did one round," he said.

"It was really popular and I really loved doing it. I always had that in my mind, so we decided to do it as part of the 10th anniversary. It’s over 50s and older. Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean that you can’t find love or meet somebody!

"When I was younger, that process of going out and meeting someone, taking their number, ringing their house up and thinking, ‘Oh please don’t let their dad pick up the ‘phone’, all that’s gone. They’re all just swiping on Tinder and using dating apps. I suppose it’s easier now.

"I think they are still in the mindset of actually meeting someone in the flesh, speaking to them and seeing if they get on first. I suppose doing stuff online might not be their cup of tea, so that’s why it’s great getting them on this show."

Paddy says Take Me Out has been taken to the nation's heart and he often gets stopped in the street, but away from the show he's not renowned for his Cupid abilities.

"I get a lot of people asking about the show and then people saying: ‘Can you fix my mate up?’," he added.

"That’s lovely. I like that Take Me Out is part of the culture here now. If you hear the words ‘Fernandos’ or ‘No likey, no lighty’ you instantly know what the show is. I love that.

"I've never played matchmaker to my friends. It’s funny because when I step away from the job I’m at home chilling. All my mates are already in relationships so I’ve no one to even fix up! Everyone’s got long term partners, married or they are not interested. That’s why I channel all my energy into the people who come on Take Me Out."

To find out if Paddy finds Bill a date, tune into ITV on Saturday 9th June at 8pm on ITV.