SADDLEWORTH author Phaedra Patrick had a novel way of seeking inspiration for her latest book - she found it right on her doorstep.

Phaedra, who wrote The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, had to look no further then the friendly folk, beautiful villages and countryside provided the perfect blueprint for her plot and characters in "Wishes Under the Willow Tree".

Although actual Saddleworth locations aren’t named, local readers will be sure to spot that a key landmark in the book, Dinosaur Ridge, is based on Indian’s Head.

The moors also form an integral part of the story, published by Harper Collins, and are almost a character in their own right.

“When I look out of my windows at home, I can see the lovely rolling countryside and wanted to share that with others," said Phaedra, who is a prize-winning short story writer and her debut novel was translated into twenty languages worldwide and awarded the Prix des Lectrices Milady 2017 in France.

"I like to think that readers across the world will get a small taste of Saddleworth life."

Explaining the plot she said: “My character, Benedict Stone, owns a jewellery shop in the small fictional village of Noon Sun.

"His business is failing and his marriage is on the rocks because he and his wife, Estelle, can’t have the children they long for. Then, one rainy night, there’s a knock on his door. Benedict’s audacious 16-year-old niece, Gemma, has arrived from America, and she’s intent on shaking up his staid life. Together, Benedict and Gemma discover an old family journal about gemstones and as Benedict begins to use gems in his jewellery, his life starts to change in wonderful way.”

Fittingly the book will be launched at Oldham Library during a book brunch event on June 30, at 11am.

Phaedra, who writes full time and lives in Saddleworth with her family, will be giving a talk and there will be an opportunity to buy the book and have it signed.

You can buy ttickets for the event at