OLDHAM Council is set to ‘postpone’ its full council meeting (tomorrow)Wednesday to avoid clashing with England’s World Cup semi-final game.

Respective party ‘skippers’ Councillor Sean Fielding, Oldham Council Leader, and Councillor Howard Sykes, Opposition Group Leader, discussed the matter following England’s 2-0 victory over Sweden on Saturday.

England's win placed them into the World Cup’s final four for the first time since 1990 and the game against Croatia – which kicks off at 7pm tomorrow - is expected to be watched by millions.

Papers had already been issued for the full council meeting - which meets monthly to determine the town hall's policy framework and the annual budget - so constitutionally it cannot simply be cancelled.

The meeting will begin at 6pm as planned, however both teams are now set to work together to see it ‘postponed’.

A motion will now be put forward by Councillor Fielding, and seconded by Councillor Sykes, requesting that the meeting is immediately adjourned.

Subject to approval by members, it will then be ‘replayed’ 24 hours later on Thursday at 6pm.

The council is still accepting public questions for this meeting but the deadline to submit them remains 5pm tomorrow.

A spokesman said rescheduling the meeting will not incur any additional costs.