AN Oldham fire chief has issued a stark warning to those "risking their lives" by entering the dilapidated "deathtrap" Hartford Mill after they were forced to tackle three more fires there this week.

Oldham Fire Station Crew Manager Steve Murphy said the mindless culprits behind the blazes are also not only putting themselves in danger, but also firefighters who are regularly called to the 120-year-old building which he says is deteriorating rapidly.

Crews from Oldham, Chadderton and Hollins fought a fire there at around 7.30pm on Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) they attended to put out flames on the ground floor.

Crew Manager Murphy said as they were leaving police spotted a second fire on the third floor and they were there for almost two hours dealing with the deliberately started blazes, caused by youths setting fire to piles of wood.

Last week Oldham Council revealed they were starting the process to seek permission to demolish the mill to make way for housing.

Crew Manager Murphy said its removal can't come soon enough but in the meantime fears there could be tragic consequences for those who persist in trespassing there with one life - that of an 18-year-old man - lost in 2015 after he fall from the building.

In recent years it has become a magnet for arsonists, vandals and flytippers.

"Hartford Mill is now an absolute deathtrap," he said.

"It really is just a matter of time before someone loses their life there if this situation carries on.

"The floors are giving way as the concrete and metal structures which support them deteriorate rapidly. As we are hitting the roof with water jets to put out the fires its just falling apart. It's very dangerous.

"These youths are putting themselves at risk and the lives of firefighters. We're going in there not knowing what we're going to find or what the conditions are.

"I can't stress enough to these people to stay away.

"It's also a matter of resources. Everytime we get a call all three stations have to respond and it's diverting us away from situations that really do need us."