TEN life size silhouettes will offer a poignant reminder of those lost in the First World War when Friezland commemorates the 100-year armistice anniversary in November.

The event is to be staged at Christ Church on Saturday, November 10, between 10am-4pm, after the church gained funding from the Covenant Fund Trust to install the compelling silhouettes as reminder of those who went to war and did not return.

Rev Mike Donmall, of the Church of England team, said: “The event will be a thought-provoking reflection on the impact of WW1 on the local community.

“We would like everyone to feel they can drop in during the day to see the displays. Relatives of the fallen from this area particularly welcome.

“It will add a particular resonance because of the loss of local young men, the impact on women's work and family life during the war, as well as the longer-term community impact following the end of fighting.

“We will engage with young and old people in exploring memories through personal letters, photographs, the use of drama and different types of music.

“We plan to recognise the enormous sacrifice of locals, including those commemorated in our church and the three war graves in our churchyard.

“But we will also remember those from both sides of the conflict – ordinary young men and families just the same.

“There will be opportunity for peace and quiet on the hour throughout the day in our South Chapel that lends itself to the lighting of candles and quiet prayer. It will be for people of all faiths and of none.”

He added: ”We are signed up to the principles of 'Inclusive Church' that does not discriminate towards anyone, whoever they are - including faith, sexuality, disability, gender, age.

“We plan to link with the British Legion and ATC, local schools, residential homes and charitable organisations, aiming to increase awareness by encouraging a feeling of 'this is how it might have felt to live through this time, just imagine...'

“And we warmly invite you to join us throughout the day at what will be an intensely moving and thought-provoking event."