TWO passionate Saddleworth groups who work quietly raising funds for Oldham Mountain Rescue Team have received an accolade for their efforts.

Presenting a special plaque to the delighted team from Appolonia House dental practice, OMRT’s Dr Andrew Taylor said: “We are very grateful to the staff of Appolonia House for their strenuous efforts at fundraising for the Team over more than two years.

“In that time they have pushed themselves on different events to raise money and our team have given rescue services to casualties associated with Appolonia House on three occasions.”

Then, accompanied by OMRT’s new fundraising officer, Ron McFaull, Dr Taylor visited Tesco at Greenfield to present them with a plaque.

Said Dr Taylor said: “We are very grateful for the continued support from Tesco in our hours of need.

“The manager and staff never fail to come up with generous gestures of practical support and supplies, since their arrival in the community.

“And Greg Barrett, Tesco’s Community Champion, always ensures OMRT is always in the frame.”

Dr Taylor added: “The team are reminded daily of the loyal support offered by everyone across the community.”

Mr McFaull has taken over the mantle as OMRT’s fundraiser replacing much loved stalwart Barry Pelmore.