OLDHAM Council has launched an investigation after a businessman raised concerns over a series of accidents on a key road.

Since January last year, Ian Shepherd and colleagues have logged 13 incidents on just one section of Chamber Road.

Mr Shepherd, manager of the bustling Chambers Business Centre in Chapel Road, said: “We literally dread the call coming in to say there has been another impact.

“It’s especially worrying pedestrians could be involved if they happen to be walking that section of pavement at the time.

“The consequences don’t bear thinking about and pedestrians would stand little chance when squashed between a lump of metal travelling at high speed and brick wall.”

Mr Shepherd’s records show some incidents have been minor but a number involved serious impacts with walls, fences, and trees.

“We are very lucky so far there have been no fatalities. We started reporting incidents in January last year and in October saw a very serious crash — the ninth in 2017– with two people taken to hospital.

“The car spun out of control across about 25 metres of pavement before embedding itself in our fence.

“It was written off but luckily the male driver and female passenger only sustained minor injuries.”

Mr Shepherd says after the incident he pressed for road safety improvements both directly with Unity Partnership, a ward councillor and the former leader of the council, Jean Stretton.

In December, two signs were installed and earlier this year a carriageway warning “slow” was added.

However, the last few weeks has seen further incidents including a van colliding with the wall and gate at Mr Shepherd’s works site.

“The road was closed for several hours while the driver was cut from the vehicle and his medical condition assessed.

“He was treated in hospital for head wounds and needed 28 stitches and he was very lucky not to have been more seriously injured or killed.”

Mr Shepherd concluded: “The issue is probably drivers rather than the road itself and speed can be the main factor.

“My staff or I are often first on scene and in the most recent case staff administered first aid while awaiting the emergency services.”

An Oldham council spokesman said: “In recent months we have been in dialogue with a local business which has reported a number of crashes.

“After investigating the crashes, we introduced additional signs on the approach to the bend in question in the form of a black and white Chevron board and a triangular Bend Warning sign.

“The introduction of the signs appeared to result in an immediate reduction in the number of crashes.

“We are now investigating the most recent spate of crashes and are looking into the road surface condition.

“There is evidence to suggest the onset of rainfall following a long period of relatively dry weather may result in an increase in skid related incidents.

“This is most likely due to the build-up of oily substances on the road surface over the summer period that becomes slippery when it rains.”