IN age when young people in society are often pilloried for their thoughtlessness it has taken the selfless act of a three-year-old child to show us that there can be innate goodness in the next generation.

Little Evalyn-Grace Leach told her mum Kimberley she wanted to donate her pocket money to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice when she heard its van had been stolen.

The toddler had been saving up to buy a Baby Annabelle doll, but she promptly handed over her £12.38 to help buy a new vehicle for the hospice.

Dr Kershaw’s is close to her family’s heart as two of Evalyn-Grace’s grandparents were treated there.

It doesn’t matter that the camper van was eventually recovered after a public campaign to find it went viral on social media.

The van, used to collect donations and distribute goods around five hospice shops, was off the road for a few days, while OMC Ford Oldham – which donated the vehicle – assessed the damage.

The Dr Kershaw’s fundraising team were understandably delighted and moved by the little girl’s gesture, and so were we.

It’s too easy to tut at the actions of children in an age when what is posted on social media can put such a negative spin on the behaviour of youngsters.

What Evalyn-Grace shows us is that children are fundamentally born good and her actions are an example to us all.