ASHTON MP Angela Rayner has condemned the mindless yobs who targeted local firefighters at the weekend.

She has voiced her support for the firefighters after the thugs threw fireworks at crews in Ashton.

Ms Rayner, whose constituency covers Ashton, Droylesden and Failsworth said: “I am so sad to hear our crews have been attacked.

“Fireworks thrown at firefighters in Ashton and stones thrown in Manchester. Fortunately there were no injuries.

“Anti-social behaviour with fireworks has been particularly bad this year in our area.

“Thanks to all our firefighters who protect us day in day out. Having fireworks thrown at them whilst protecting my constituents is the last thing they need.”

The problem of fireworks-related anti-social behaviour in St Peter’s ward of Tameside was highlighted in the Granada Reports regional news broadcast on Friday .

Reporter Matt O’Donoghue spoke to residents who said they were too frightened to leave their homes in the weeks around bonfire night because of local youths causing havoc.

Ms Rayner told Matt that Government cuts to Tameside Council’s youth provision have had a detrimental effect on the area and Greater Manchester Police have also faced a heavy reduction in officer numbers.