A VISIT by a top flight American brass band to a heritage village band club was underpinned with a poignant note.

Because Georgina Parkinson, a promising member of Dobcross Silver Band, played a sparking new cornet at the special event celebrating the return of Kansas-based Fountain City Brass.

The instrument was donated by community-spirited Isobel Hill, in memory of her husband Graham, a respected villager, who died a year ago.

The cornet is engraved with the words “Graham Hill - a proud Dobcrosser” and the silver band’s chairman, Andy Black, said: “The instrument is fitting memorial to Isobel's late husband Graham who sadly passed.”

And Georgina declared: “It’s a beautiful instrument. I’m delighted to be playing it.”

Meantime, the audience who crowded the village band club gave a rapturous welcome to the US visitors making their second visit to the village.

Mr Black said: “They enjoyed the Dobcross hospitality so much last year they couldn't wait to return. The Fountain City players have developed a real affinity with our village and we are proud of our special relationship with them.”

A superb cameo performance by the Swing Band launched the evening followed by a well-balanced short programme from the Silver Band.

Helen Harrelson, president of Fountain City Youth Brass Academy, said: “We had a great time. Thanks for all the preparation and those little 'extras' too which made us feel like rock stars.

“Seriously, this will be real a highlight of our band tour,” she added.

The band originally visited the village a year ago after a beer mat which claimed to be “Stolen from Dobcross Band Club” was given to them by a local on a visit to America.