GREENFIELD commuters join MPs in meeting with transport secretary Chris Grayling to highlight the "appalling service" faced by passengers.

They accompanied Oldham East and Saddleworth MP, Debbie Abrahams, and fellow campaigners at Westminster to discuss the issues faced by Northern Rail and TransPennine Express travellers at a gathering organised by Thelma Walker, MP for Colne Valley.

According to data from performance tracking website On Time Trains, Greenfield is 10th in the country's 'worst' list for punctuality with Mossley second.

After the meeting, which was also attended by Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, Mrs Abrahams said: "I first contacted Mr Grayling with my concerns around the proposed timetable changes in November 2017, but he ignored them.

"I met with him in June and he promised improvements within weeks, but months later local passengers are still receiving an appalling service.

"That's why I believe it was important for this meeting to take place and give local commuters the chance to let Chris Grayling know directly how their lives have been affected by the appalling service provided by Northern Rail and TransPennine express.

"The Transport Secretary seemed surprised that in the last 12 weeks only eight per cent of trains to and from Greenfield ran on time compared with 56 per cent in his Epsom constituency.

"Although there were promises of improvements in reliability, as there were in June when I last met him, I was not reassured.

"On top of this, he confirmed that the electrification of the lines between Mossley and Huddersfield, which was meant to drive future rail efficiencies wouldn't take place."

Mrs Abrahams says recent analysis of government data shows that in the four-and-a-half years since the Northern Powerhouse agenda was announced, transport spending per person has increased twice as much in London as in the north of England.

"The IPPR North think tank found that while London has seen a £326 per person increase in public spending, the north of England has seen an increase of just £146," she said.

"These are shocking figures which continue to show the under investment in our local transport infrastructure.

"I continue to receive emails from local residents detailing appalling and unacceptable delays on Northern Rail and TransPennine Express, so I will continue to raise the matter with Government ministers and work closely with other local MPs, including Jonathan and Thelma, and campaigning groups like SHRUG, to demand improvements."

Mrs Abrahams says she's also been campaigning to get better rolling stock and access for people with mobility issues at Greenfield Station, and added: "Although Greenfield commuters have seen some of the rolling stock improve with the introduction of TPE services, our economy and our environment still needs affordable fares and reliable services, which the Tory Government's policies are failing to deliver. In fact commuters are already bracing themselves for another 3.1 per cent hike in the cost of rail travel due in January which for many will make life even more difficult as wages stagnate.

"Our railways should be run in the interests of passengers and taxpayers not for private profit."