A MUM has spoken of her disgust after she was ordered to leave a cafe because her toddler was crying.

Danielle Sedgwick and her toddler Amelia, from Ulverston, were asked to leave Coniston’s Bluebird Cafe due to noise complaints.

They visited the establishment on December 31 with six family members after an afternoon walk around Coniston Water.

According to Mrs Sedgwick, her daughter was upset when the group entered the cafe but the family were doing their best effort to soothe her.

However, after ordering their food, Mrs Sedgwick alleges that a staff member said: “Will you find a way of shutting that child up or leave.”

In shock, the family requested to speak to the manager who is said to have replied: “That man is my staff, now leave.”

Another family apparently heard the confrontation and, according to Mrs Sedgwick, called it “absolutely disgusting”.

The group had spent more than £60 on assorted drinks and sandwiches but the manager initially only reimbursed them £5.40.

She claims that when the manager finally agreed to pay back more he threw a £20 note in her partner’s face and said “Happy New Year”.

The family has been to the cafe three times before and never had a complaint.

However, Mrs Sedgwick and her family have vowed never to return after the behaviour of the staff.

In a statement, the Bluebird Cafe said: “We would never advocate asking anyone to leave but our comment didn’t come out of nowhere.

“Our staff have been under immense pressure throughout the Christmas period and it is personally a difficult time for our family.

“Regardless, that staff member who made the comment has been spoken to and it wasn’t the right thing to have been said.

“Unfortunately this is a situation which has come at a very busy time for us and we’re not going to say anyone was in the right or wrong.

“We are a family-run business which has been providing locals with a diverse range of food for over 36 years and have more than seven hundred excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.”

The statement added: “We’re very geared up to families and always tries our absolute best for all our customers.”