AN emotional appeal has gone out from a respected charity seeking support from a community to help stage a legendary old folks' Christmas party.

Saddleworth Round Table have organised the party for 30 years bringing together 200 villagers many who are lonely, isolated and vulnerable.

The event, a highlight in the local social calendar, will be held at The White Hart, Lydgate, on Sunday, January 20 and provide guests with a three-course meal, glass of wine or sherry on arrival, and an afternoon of sparkling entertainment.

Dave MacDougall, who has run the event for Round Table for nine years, said: “It’s an absolutely spectacular day.

“One year, we actually celebrated a100th birthday on this magnificent day and we have toasted numerous wedding anniversaries of people married longer than our oldest Round Table members.

“It reminds our committee members of the importance of our elderly and it is very humbling. And I was always taught respect to your elders — they are the foundation which makes us what we are.”

Until a few years ago, Round Table organised The Beer Walk - mainstay of their fund raising remits - with up to 6,000 walkers taking an 11.2 mile route around the village.

At its height, the walk raised £43,000 which was ploughed back into local community organisations and supporting worthy causes in Saddleworth and Oldham.

However, the walk closed in its 38th year, and Mr MacDougall said: “Now we no longer have the funds we once had to organise the old folks' party event.

“For example, as we pledged, all funds raised from the Santa Dash have been allocated to deserving local good causes.

“We are now looking to appeal to the local companies and people of the area to ensure this Christmas party event continues.

“The event itself costs £4,000 so we are looking for local businesses/organisations and any generous donations to help us provide once again the magnificent day that our elderly generation deserve.

“Table sponsor is £200 or any other contribution is more than welcomed,” he added.

Anyone who want to help should call or text Dave MacDougall on 07792 777 777 for details.