PLAYHOUSE 2 in Shaw has received a £350 donation from Solidarity Masonic Lodge in support of its youth theatre.

PH2Youth has been running for just over five years and boasts more than 50 student members.

Solidarity Lodge, based at Kershaw Street in Shaw, has donated the cash in support of the youth theatre for the last four years.

It will be used to help put the students through their London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations.

PH2Youth organisers say they are extremely keen for their students to take group examinations as it is something tangible for them to take forward on their journey through education.

Due to this, PH2Youth pay for the group examinations to take place so that all of their students get an equal chance of gaining the qualification.

Barbara Micklethwaite, chairman of Crompton Stage Society, said “We are so grateful to Solidarity Lodge for their donation to our youth theatre.

“As a charity we are always thankful for any external support we receive.

“We feel it is important for all of our students to get the best out of their time at our youth theatre and being able to take group LAMDA examinations at no extra cost is part of that.”

PH2Youth are about to begin a new term and will soon start preparations for the LAMDA exams, which will take place in the summer.