LOCAL MP Debbie Abrahams has revealed that Oldham Council’s “core spending power” is down 27 per cent per under the Conservative government.

The Oldham East and Saddleworth MP has used data supplied by the House of Commons Library which has assessed spending per household between 2010 and 2020.

She said: “These figures show the true extent of this Conservative Government’s austerity measures on local councils, with northern councils suffering more on average.

“Here in Oldham, the impact of this Government’s cuts in funding to Oldham Council has reduced the council’s core spending power from £254 million in 2010/11 down to £189million in 2019. That’s a drop of £65 million, or to put it another way, a drop of £727 per household across the borough.

“To illustrate the disparity between north and south you only need to look at Windsor and Maidenhead, the local authority which covers Theresa May’s constituency, to see that the Prime Minister’s council has been affected much less with a cut of just 12.76 per cent since 2010 equivalent to £205 per household.

“When you factor in deprivation ratings as well it is even worse. Far from austerity being over, as the Government promised last year, it is here and having devastating impacts in Oldham.”