DOG OWNERS are warned to be on the look out for Alabama Rot after figures reveal 21 cases of the fatal condition within 20 miles of Oldham.

Alabama Rot is a skin disease that rapidly leads to fatal kidney failure and this week a case was reported in Chorley.

Industry publication Vet Times has reported four new cases of Alabama Rot in the UK, bringing the total confirmed cases to 181. It adds that there were six cases in January including one in Lostock, Bolton.

Vets4Pets has released help and advice for dog owners who are worried about their pets.

The deadly disease first presents as sores on a dogs skin, usually below the elbow or knee. They can be swollen, a patch of red skin, or open like an ulcer.

Sadly the disease spreads rapidly and within two to seven days dogs can develop signs of kidney failure like vomiting, not eating and tiredness.

Vets4Pets guidance says: "If a dog becomes infected with Alabama Rot, the best outcome results from early and intensive veterinary care.

"Your vet will treat the skin sores and kidney failure and may need to refer your dog to a specialist hospital.

"Although some affected dogs have successfully recovered after treatment, sadly others did not survive the disease.

"If you think your dog may have any of the clinical signs listed you should contact your vet immediately."