AN Oldham MP has called out the "selfish morons" responsible for a despicable act of fly tipping in an Oldham beauty spot in the hope they'll be named and shamed.

Oldham West and Royton MP Jim McMahon discovered the huge pile of dumped garage waste including car parts, bumpers, tyres, butane gas cylinders, petrol cans and a raft of other rubbish on Crime Lane in the heart of Daisy Nook yesterday on his way to work.

Sharing images of the heart-breaking mess on social media he said: "And this today, our bit of green abused by selfish morons."

He later told The Oldham Times: "This hasn't been done by residents being reckless or not being bothered to take their rubbish to the tip, this is being done by people pocketing money for removing commercial waste.

"They are making money out of people by taking it away and then dumping in places like this.

"I'm noticing it more and more, particularly round here.

"Crime Lane is a hotspot for people dumping rubbish. You can spot settees and all sorts of household items at any given time and although Oldham Council do their best, bar having someone patrolling 24 hours a days there's little you can do.

"Living in a built up area like Oldham, finding a green space is a luxury and its being ruined by these people. I think it's scandalous.

"This is in the heart of Daisy Nook Country Park. It attracts people from all over Failsworth and Oldham.

"The area is access to one of a few green spaces in Oldham and to see it abused in this way is terrible.

"It's used by people walking their dogs, children riding bikes and families and they're faced with that experience."

Mr McMahon says he believes the council are doing their best to fight the scourge of fly tipping but it is residents who are left to foot the bill.

"It is us, the council tax payers, who are paying for this rubbish to be removed and at a time when the council's budget is being continually slashed this is money which should be used to maintain our parks and keep our streets clean," he said.

"My experience of the council dealing with fly tipping is very positive and they respond quickly, particularly bearing in mind they cover one of the largest geographical areas in Greater Manchester."

He encouraged people to "report and challenge" fly tipping and backed the council campaign which aims to get residents on board to 'love where they live' by taking ownership of neglected alleyways and community grot spots.

A spokesman for Oldham Council said officers would be investigating the Daisy Nook incident and examining the evidence which will they hope will lead to tracking down those responsible.

You can report fly tipping by calling them on 0161 770 2244.

They're advice to householders who need help to remove waste is to contact Waste Management on 0161 770 6644 or take it to Arkwright Street Waste and Recycling Centre, Oldham OL9 9LZ free of charge.

They advise if you pay someone to remove waste ask to see their waste carriers licence, a card issued by the Environment Agency, and get them to give you a receipt for the waste taken and their name and contact details.

If you are not sure do allow them to take it as, if found dumped, you will face legal action.