TESCO has sent out warnings to customers after reports of emails circulating from scammers claiming to be the supermarket.

The fake email's sent were regarding Tesco Grocery Home shopping orders that have never actually been made.

Posting on their official Twitter page, the supermarket said: "A number of customers have reported receiving a phishing email regarding a Tesco Grocery Home Shopping order they haven’t placed.

"If you think you’ve been sent one, it’s vital you don’t provide any personal details. We will always investigate reports of phishing emails, please forward them to phishing@tesco.com"

The post also gave a link to Tesco's anti-fraud page. That page offers advice to customers, including explaining what email scams looks like.

It says: "Legitimate brands will never ask you to supply sensitive details via a link or email. It simply isn't secure enough. And they’ll never ask you to reveal your password or PIN."