CCTV footage has captured the shocking moment two children mounted a tram on the Altrincham line and travelled at speed, gripping the outside of the carriage.

The reckless incident is one of a troubling number episodes in a growing phenomenon known as "tram surfing" ­— where people travel on the outside of a tram.

In the video, captured in November, 2018, two children can be seen riding a coupling unit which straddles the outside of two Metrolink tram carriages.

The pair then "rode" the tram for around 10 minutes as it reached high speeds.

Transport for Greater Manchester’s head of Metrolink Danny Vaughan, said: “This type of reckless behaviour could very easily result in death or very serious injury and I would urge people to stay safe and not be tempted into risking their lives in this way.

“One slip could lead to a tragedy and the last thing we want is someone’s child not coming home because they took a needless risk."

According to the latest figures 63 tram surfing incidents have been recording across the Metrolink network in the last nine months.

Many of these involve children, some as young as ten.

To counteract the growing problem, transport bosses are now reiterating the dangers and potential consequences of such behaviour, which TfGM has labelled a "worrying and dangerous fad".

They are also encouraging people to report incidences of tram surfing and asking parents to discuss the risks with their children.

Mr Vaughn said: “We do run a comprehensive youth engagement programme warning young people about the dangers and consequences of this type of behaviour but unfortunately there remains a small number of people who seem determined to risk their lives.

“Our staff are vigilant, but I would urge anyone who sees something like this to let us know as soon as possible and help ensure nobody gets hurt.”

Last month another video surfaced of a young boy tram surfing in Rochdale.

The footage showed the boy running after the tram before clinging to the back as it picked up speed.

Similar stunts have also been reported in Manchester city centre, near to Victoria Station.

To report an incidence of tram surfing email