CAN you find the knife that has been hidden in this photo?

It may seem like an odd request, but this is the question being posed by police following a number of high-profile incidents.

Members of the public are being urged to 'open their eyes to knives' as part of a week-long police campaign.

Officers have warned that many criminals hide knives in public places rather than carrying them around in an effort to reduce the risk of being caught.

Possession of a knife can lead to a prison sentence as high as 18 months so some groups hide the weapons in plain sight to allow for easy access later on.

For the second day of the campaign, police have shared this photograph to raise awareness of the dangers of knives and bladed weapons hidden in our communities.

Throughout this week, visitors to Greater Manchester Police's Facebook and Twitter pages will be asked to spot the knife hidden in various images to spark conversation around this topic.

In a post shared across their platforms today, the police revealed that the knife was in fact hidden in the base of the planter.

The Oldham Times: Did you spot the hidden knife?Did you spot the hidden knife?

Police have urged residents to contact them on 101 or via the live chat function on their website if you have any concerns or find knives in your community.