A VEHICLE has been seized by police at an unauthorised 'car cruise' in Oldham.

Police have issued a newly qualified driver with a Section 59 warning for driving inconsiderately or carelessly and causing, or likely causing, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.

The Section 59 also gave traffic patrols the power to seized a red Ford Fiesta from the driver, a man who had passed his test just 13 months ago.

The vehicle was spotted by police at a 'car cruise' held at an Oldham car park on Sunday night.

Officers said they witnessed the driver "speeding away" across a pedestrian area.

Car cruises bring together groups of petrol heads and are typically associated with fast cars, stunts and an element of risk.

In April last year, the park and ride at Hollinwood tram stop was closed as Greater Manchester Police and Metrolink worked to deter an unauthorised car cruise. Earlier that month, motorists had engaged in anti-social and dangerous driving at the same location.

Greater Manchester Police's traffic officers tweeted about the latest incident: "This Ford Fiesta was seized on Sunday night at a car cruise in Oldham.

"The driver thought it best to speed away across a pedestrianised area.

"He was stopped, reported for summons and issued with his second Section 59 warning within 13 months of passing his test."