MORRISONS is selling rare ‘lucky’ double yolk eggs in boxes of four for just £1.50 at its store in Poplar Street, Failsworth in time for Easter.

According to tradition, it’s a sign of good luck to eat a double-yolked egg at Easter. This is no surprise given there’s less than a one-in-a-thousand chance of finding two yolks in a single egg.

Double yolk eggs usually come from young hens which are between 20-27 weeks. Inexperienced hens are more likely to produce a remarkable extra yolk when laying their first batches of eggs.

The limited-edition eggs are boxed at the Morrisons egg site in North Yorkshire. They are carefully selected by Morrisons ‘eggsperts’, who carefully hold larger eggs up to a special high powered lamp to spot the outline of the extra yolk. Those with double the yolk are then put to one side.

Morrisons is releasing a limited number of double yolk eggs each week to selected stores in the run up to Easter. Only 1,000 boxes will be available nationwide, meaning customers will have to get cracking to be in with a chance of finding one. Luckily for the residents of Failsworth the eggs will be available in their local Morrisons store.

Robert Hoffman, egg buyer at Morrisons said: “You know it’s a lucky day, when you crack open an egg and find it has two yolks. So we wanted to bring egg-lovers extra luck by offering a four pack of double yolk eggs. We hope they bring customers some good fortune this Easter.”

Morrisons Double Yolker eggs will be available in boxes of four for £1.50 from today. They can be bought in 11 selected stores; Aldershot, Bradford Enterprise 5, Camden Town, Chingford, Erith, Failsworth, Harrow, Maidstone, Plymstock, Preston Riversway, Redditch.