MORE than four out of five restaurants in Oldham are rated as good or very good by food standards inspectors.

A total of 579 establishments fall under the categories of pub, bar or nightclub, restaurant, cafe or canteen and hotel, bed and breakfast or guest house across Oldham.

All hotels and guest houses received the maximum rating of five meaning that food hygiene standards are rated as ‘very good’.

Most establishments across the board - 85 per cent - were rated four or five meaning that their standards are good or very good. 

However, according to the Food Standards Agency as of March 26, 19 establishments require some improvements, receiving a two rating, and seven require major improvement, receiving a one.

According to the Food Standards Agency website, three of the borough’s restaurants received the worst possible rating of zero, meaning urgent improvements are needed.

Two of those - Gourmet Steak and Grill in Ellen Street and Kebabish Peri Peri in West Street, have since been reinspected and gained higher ratings, although the results are yet to show on the website. 

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Sajad Hussain, the owner of Kebabish Peri Peri said the establishment has since been visited again and been awarded a two.

“In the past, we’ve had four and fives,” he said.

“When they came last year, they found mouse droppings in the cellar, there was a broken door and no soap in the hand wash basin.

“We sorted everything, we applied again, they came at the beginning of March and they have given us a two.

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“They’ve said they just need to update the website.”

According to a spokesman for Gourmet Steak and Grill, it has now been rated a four at after a recent inspection.

He said: “Basically there was a change over in management at the time. 

“Staff training and daily records were not up to date. 

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“And mainly the premises needed a lot of structural work, and a deep clean was needed. 

“Since then, everything has been rectified, as to why we have a 4 rating now.”

The other zero is not a public restaurant but the canteen at Protec Security Group Ltd in Arkwright Street.

Di Angelo’s, Two Apples, Ocean Treasure and Roy’s Rolls were all among the establishments to receive a hygiene rating of one. 

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A spokesman for Di Angelo’s said: “The reason we got a low score is because we were in between changing businesses from a cafe to a grocery store. 

“But because we still had quite a few things from when it was a cafe it looked like we were still running as that. 

“As from December we stopped running as a cafe and started as a grocery store. 

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“Our cafe has now turned into a restaurant at 20 Fountain Street where we had a five rating.”

Of the 579 pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels, six are awaiting inspection and 14 have a new rating pending.

The data used came from the Food Standards Agency website on March 26.