A DRUNK man who had an obsession with prostitutes fired an air pistol while children were walking to school.

Raymond Lucy, aged 63, fired his weapon at around 8.30am on January 18 this year after showing up looking "crazed" at a property a former girlfriend was at.

He was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for having the air pistol and a lock knife that was discovered on him when he was arrested.

Lucy arrived at Honeywell Lane in Oldham and began banging on the door, the occupant opened the door and knowing Lucy had a violent history feared he would do something drastic. To prevent this he punched Lucy twice said the prosecution at Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street.

The prosecution said: "He looked crazed.

"[The occupant] took a pre-emptive strike, punching him twice."

The court heard Lucy suggested the pair fight before pulling out his weapon and firing it at least once in the direction of the man.

A passing member of the public saw Lucy fire the weapon the prosecution said and tried to prevent passing school children from going any nearer.

Lucy fled the scene and was arrested nearby. Police found the gun and also a lock knife.

The court heard evidence in Lucy's defence that his actions were a manifestation of a long running dispute between him and his former girlfriend.

The defence told the court Lucy had "lost his way" through alcohol and an "obsession with prostitutes" which had left him vulnerable to exploitation.

Yesterday Lucy, of Cypress Avenue, Chadderton, was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court in Minshull Street to 20 months imprisonment for possession of the air pistol with intent to cause violence and having the knife.

He will serve half in custody and the other half on licence. He is also subject to a restraining order.

Judge Mark Savill said: "You arrived at the house under the influence of drink, in possession of these two weapons. It's plain you were there to cause trouble."