OLHDAM West and Royton MP Jim McMahon is backing a charity set up by a Hathershaw couple who suffered the heartbreaking loss of a child.

Hannah and Lee Chatterley launched Charlie's Child Loss in 2014 following the passing of son Charlie who was stillborn in October, 2013.

At the time, Charlie's father felt that there was not enough support for grieving dads.

The couple attempted to find support through Facebook groups, but it did not seem to be working for Lee because the groups were focused around mothers. Lee said this did not help with his grief.

As a result, Lee slipped into depression before Hannah suggested that he set up his own group, and in 2014 the charity was formed on Facebook.

Now, five years on, the group now has more than 900 followers on the social media site, with regular support and meetings available for grieving fathers.

Lee said: “The fellas in the group don't realise how much they've helped me and changed my life.

“Hannah and I always get messages on Facebook from the guys and their wives saying, 'thank you', but we should be thanking them.”

Hannah and Lee’s mission is to extend support for parents suffering with the loss of a child and to show people, especially men who, as Lee did, attempt to bottle up their emotions to the point where it makes a person unwell. Their mission is to show that “you don’t always have to be the strong one”.

Mr McMahon said: "Hannah and Lee recently made me aware of their charity, their tragic story and the inspiring work they have been doing since 2013.

“Their work is vitally important and an issue that is rarely raised, especially when concerning support available for men following the death of a child. The loss of a child is something we all hope we never have to experience, I think it is incredible that Hannah and Lee have found the resolve to carry on, not only for themselves, but to help others deal with their grief.

"They truly are a testament to the community and I offer them my full support in their endeavour to make support accessible for all parents, especially fathers, who can go unsupported and have to bottle up their emotions."

Charlie’s Child Loss is still growing and hoping to accomplish their goals and mission, with regular meetings and support sessions up and down the country. Hannah and Lee are currently in the process of becoming a registered charity through the Charity Commission.