POLICE have released footage of a motorist "aggressively" tailgating a driver on a busy motorway.

The footage, put on social media to act as a warning to motorists, shows the a car being driven close to another vehicle in the outside lane.

The driver was pulled over and booked.

Police recorded the incident on the M6 near Stafford.

Central Motorway Police posted on Twitter: "Tailgating; dangerous at the best of times, more so on a motorway through the roadworks.

"This is a small snapshot of the manner of this motorists aggressive driving yesterday on the M6 at Stafford, needless to say he was stopped and reported."

Some people responding to the post criticised the driver in front, with officers responding with: "As mentioned, you only see a snap shot, don’t make assumptions, there was a bigger picture here and the silver car is driving sensibly after overtaking a coach which was in lane two. Moving to lane one would have caused the coach (which you can’t see in the footage) to brake."

And added: "Again, don’t assume from this very short clip, the manner of driving witnessed before, during and after this clip was the more significant offence here. It is for to easy to criticise and speculate when you don’t have the full picture."