A NEW crime-busting Facebook page has been launched - The Oldham Neighbourhood Watch.

The group, which has six local associations has three awards and a second place for good practice from the Neighbourhood Watch organisation.

Shirley Holt, chair of the Oldham group, said: “The Facebook Page will be used for information purposes only — not for suspicious criminal activity which would need to go direct to police so they can build a case to take to court.

“We are in partnership with all 10 Greater Manchester Neighbourhood Watch organisations and our coordinators and residents

can have details of stolen cars or, if help is needed, someone goes missing.

‘The information can be passed to our partners. We will put information out from police at there request.

“It has information on how to become a registered national and local scheme member and dates and venues of our local association meetings.

“Police and guest speakers from partner agencies working in the justice section attend our meetings giving advice on Neighbourhood issues from how to identify if human trafficking is taking place in neighbourhoods.”