MP Jim McMahon, an Oldham businessman, and a local election candidate were the heroes after a woman was robbed of her handbag while waiting at a bus stop.

The Oldham West and Royton parliamentarian, sprung into action alongside council seat contender George Hulme and Jey Ali when they witnessed the mugging on Yorkshire Street on Friday.

The man pounced on Linda Mitchell as she was sitting waiting for a bus.

Mr McMahon, Mr Hulme and Mr Ali gave chase and were able to recover the handbag from the mugger.

McMahon said: “I didn’t think, to be honest, I don’t think any of us did.

"When you witness something like what has just occurred here, instinct kicks in. You just do, and luckily this resulted in the safe return of this lady’s handbag.”

Ms Mitchell was elated at the return of her bag. She said: “I can’t believe it. One moment passed and my bag was just gone.

“I never expected our MP Jim, a local businessman and a potential local councillor to be there to intervene. I am so happy.”

Despite the happy ending, the thief did escape, and the police are now investigating.

The incident occurred on Yorkshire Street on Friday, April at around 6.45pm. Anyone who saw the incident is asked to give any information and get in touch by calling 101.