OLDHAM East and Saddleworth MP Debbie Abrahams has it out at the decision not to include Greenfield station in the latest round of government funding under the Access for All scheme which aims to upgrade access at train stations across the UK.

Forty-five more stations have been announced in the latest round, taking the total number of stations to be upgraded to seventy three, with the work is expected to be finished by 2024 at a cost of £300 million.

Ms Abrahams said: “Theresa May recently promised, in the House of Commons, that all stations will be upgraded to help people with mobility issues but even Tory MPs are saying the role out of the Access for All scheme is too slow.

“And what makes it even worse is the fact that the out of this new list of 45 stations in this latest round 25 of them are in Tory constituencies, including the constituency of the secretary of state for transport, Chris Grayling.

“The Access for All scheme is far too slow and stations like Greenfield are simply a barrier to anyone with mobility issues making it incredibly difficult for them to visit friends, get to the shops or to work.

“Nobody should have their ability to travel on public transport restricted in 2019; it’s just not good enough.”

Of the 45 stations in this latest round 25 of them are in Conservative constituencies (56 per cent); 13 of them are in Labour constituencies (29 per cent); five of them are in SNP constituencies (11 per cent); two of them are in Independent constituencies (4 per cent).