DEDICATED animal lover and runner Katie Fallows plans to combine her dual passions and share every mile of the London Marathon linked to pets.

The 33-year-old woman from Greenfield, making her first ever attempt in the legendary event, has turned it into a novel fund raiser for the PDSA.

And plucky Katie, who works at Oldham Library, is running dressed as a cat, complete with false ears,wearing the names of pets on her costume tail.

She began running in 2013 when her brother inspired her to have a go at the Manchester Run.

“ That’s when I did my first 10k,” she declared.

”From then I just kept running. I have run twice Manchester marathon and even done Oldham Way ultra marathon.

“ But as a runner it is my dream to run London marathon, as it is one of the biggest events.

“And I chose to run for the PDSA because they understand how important pets are to people and they are a charity I really believe in.

“One of my cats, Alfred, got injured a little while ago. We were lucky enough to be able to pay for his treatment but many people aren’t in that position.

“The PDSA really help those who can’t afford get proper care for their sick animals. I also love how they honour service animals that serve and help us.”

The PDSA presents the Dickin Medal — the highest award any animal can receive while serving in military conflict - and is recognised worldwide as the animals’ Victoria Cross.

Katie’s Just Giving Page carries the message that every pet deserves to lead a happy and healthy life. As the UK's leading veterinary charity with 48 Pet Hospitals, the PDSA improves pets lives through prevention, education and treatment.

And every year its dedicated veterinary teams carry out 2.7 million treatments on 470,000 pets in need - “all made possible thanks to people like you.”

She went on: “I would very much appreciate anyone who would like to sponsor me. You can have your pets name featured for a small donation.”

Currently, she has raised just more than £1,000 thanks to help from friends, family, colleagues and the wider Saddleworth community.

She added: “Local business have been amazingly supportive, especially the Wa and Bone, Saddleworth Outdoor, Dinnerstone, Lisa’s dog grooming, Naked Bean, Dtation Brewm Little Owl Farm and Tesco who have all helped me raise funds.”

Katie has two cats from local rescue centres and three weeks ago she added a third found abandoned outside Oldham Library.

“She was really skinny and dirty. I got her checked over by a vet who told me she was pregnant. So I have more cats on the way...”

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To make a donation, go to Katie’s Page