DUE to a technical problem The Oldham Times was unable to publish the results of the Saddleworth Parish Council election on May 2 last week. This has now been resolved. The results are as follows:


Kevin Anthony Dawson (Lib Dem), elected uncontested; George Hulme (Labour), elected uncontested; Luke Lancaster (Conservative), elected uncontested.


Linda Dawson (Lib Dem), elected uncontested; Linda Phillips (Labour), elected uncontested; Max Joseph Woodvine, elected uncontested.


Neil Allsopp (Conservative), 818, elected; Alan Stuart Belmore (Lib Dem), 818, elected; Mavis Jean Bingley (Lib Dem), 795, elected; Helen Louise bishop (Independent), 707; Roger Malham Blackmore (Lib Dem), 707; Jamie Curley (Conservative) 842, elected; Jeff Garner (Lib Dem), 709; Nye Goodwin (Labour), 416; John Hudson (Conservative), 926, elected; Mano Kandasamy Vithyashaker (Conservative), 677; Ian Brian Manners (Labour), 371; Geoff Roberts (Lib Dem), 700.


Stephen Barrow (Lib Dem), 108; John Bernard Battye (Labour), 119; Duncan Clive Goodman (Saddleworth First), 163, elected; Robert Knotts (Conservative), 145; Carl Roberts (Saddleworth First), 243, elected; Michael David Scholes (Lib Dem), 70.


Sam Al-Hamdani (Lib Dem), 790, elected; Barbara Ann Beeley (Lib Dem), 818, elected; Ian James Bond (Conservative), 299; Richard Neville Darlington (Lib Dem), 639, elected; Paul Gordon Fryer (Labour), 316; Philip Malcolm Gaul (Labour), 276; Steve Hewitt (Labour), 356; Valerie Leach (Labour), 382; Brian Lord (Lib Dem), 708, elected); Pat Lord (Lib Dem), 661, elected; Thomas Baxter Lord (Conservative), 304.


Pam Byrne (Conservative), 381, elected; Connor Daniel Green (Labour), 235; Sue Hazelhurst (Lib Dem), 329; Graham Sheldon (Conservative), 475, elected; David Stanton (Lib Dem), 283.