A WARNING gone out in the Lees community over two vicious Bullmastiff-type dogs which killed a Cavalier King Charles spaniel owned by local couple Joanne and Allan Parkin.

The roaming savaged the nine-year-old spaniel called Eddie as he was being walked up the drive way with Joanne, just a few feet from his doorway and safety.

News of the incident was posted on the Lees community hub Facebook site.

It said: "It is now known that these dogs have injured other dogs and cats and even attacked humans.

"What happened to Eddie could have happened to any one of us who have pets.

"And we're deeply saddened that in our tranquil community such a horrendous incident has happened to our friend and neighbour."

Now, local well wishers want to raise cash to commemorate Eddie.

The post went on: "It is for this reason that we want to raise funds to commemorate our dogfriend Eddie.

"We don't want something bold and brash, for that was not Eddie, just something understated - but memorable and gleeful. Maybe a bench in Leesbrook, or a tree can be planted."