THINGS moved at a snail's pace in a Saddleworth hamlet ... but it was all in a good cause.

Because the Lydgate Snail Racing championship organised by a nine-year-old boy raised £50 towards the respectable £715.16p to support the community Plant Sale/Home Bake.

The money supports buying summer plants to brighten the community.

The boy collected the snails, organised the races and arranged prizes. Curious visitors selected the snails, named them and a number was put on their shells.

The snails were placed on to a plastic table cloth sprayed with water and they "raced" to a plastic hoop with the first reaching the hoop winning.

Jennifer Greenwood, chair of Love Lydgate, said: “The snails were live but were carefully looked after by youngster and released back into the fields after.the race.”

All proceeds from the sale of tea and coffee went to the chosen charities for St Anne’s church. And more than £42 was towards the Blood Bikes, RNLI and Action Against Hunger.