Have you ever wondered how the other half live – or how much their houses cost?

We've consulted property experts Zoopla to find out the five most expensive streets in Oldham and how much they estimate a house on one of them could cost.

While the average price of a 3-bedroom house in Oldham is £160,920, there are also some lovely upscale abodes for those with deeper pockets.

According to Zoopla, these are Oldham’s most expensive streets.

Highest value streets for property using Zoopla’s ‘Zed index’ – and average estimated price.

1. The Nook, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 - £633,863

The most expensive house on this street has an estimated current value of £969,000.

2. Hollins Road, Waterhead, Oldham OL4 - £609,159

3. Park Lane, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 - £601,667

4. Ridge Lane, Diggle, Oldham OL3 - £601,408

5. Beech Lane, Grasscroft, Oldham OL4 - £575,455

As well as the most expensive, Zoopla has also rounded up the streets with the highest turnovers - ie the ones where houses go up for sale most frequently.

This is worked out by dividing the number of sales over the last five years (not including new builds) by the number of homes in the given area.

The five highest turnover streets in Oldham are:

1. Parkfield Court, Oldham OL4 - 86.7%

This street has an 86.7% turnover. This is due to most houses on Parkfield Court being sold at least once between April 2016 and September 2018.

2. Old Manor Farm Close, Oldham OL4 - 60.0%

3. Owls Gate, Lees, Oldham OL4 - 58.3%

4. Spindle Court, Royton, Oldham OL2 - 57.1%

5. Oak Dene Close, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 - 56.2%