AN official call for an integrated transport system across Greater Manchester has been signed off by city-region leaders.

After Andy Burnham's call for Northern to be stripped of its rail franchise, the combined authority agreed to respond to a national review by making further calls for devolved powers.

Their response to the Williams Review of rail service franchising was approved and the mayor explained it mapped out a vision for GM Rail. Mr Burnham said further devolution of responsibility for rail services could lead to a London-style system, where passengers can use various modes of transport without requiring different tickets.

He told colleagues: “Continuing to look at rail in a silo is to repeat the mistakes of the past. The rail industry needs to look outwards to integrate with the rest of the transport system.”

More central funds for rough sleeping initiatives and reforms to the justice system were also discussed at the latest meeting of the combined authority.

More than £500k from central government will be shared as part of the Rough Sleeper Initiative.

An agreement has been reached with the Ministry of Justice to hand over more control of the justice system. Beverley Hughes said it could pave the way for reforms of the probation service.