OLDHAM West and Royton MP Jim McMahon has hit out at the Conservative Party its handling of climate change and has accused it of towing the line of the US President Donald Trump to appease him in order of getting a trade deal in the future.

In March, the UK became the first nation in the world to declare a national climate and environment emergency.

This saw MPs from both sides of the political divide calling on the government to act on the situation and implement policies to reduce our impact on the environment.

Mr McMahon wrote in a recent blog post: “Our Parliament is the first in the entire world to have declared a climate and environment emergency, however there is no evidence that the government are indeed taking it seriously or at all acknowledging it.”

He added:“Figures released in April show that the UK is set to miss its own carbon budgets by an ever-widening margin, and last year saw the smallest drop in carbon emissions in the last six years – just 2 per cent.”

Mr McMahon's concerns have been echoed by many senior politicians and leaders around the country who believe more needs to be done to tackle the issue before it is too late.

He went on: “Even worse, this Government has no authority on climate change. Three current cabinet ministers have denied the scientific consensus, and several current and former cabinet ministers standing in the Tory leadership contest have close links to climate change denial.

"They are towing the Trump line. Be it climate change or Brexit, their intentions are not to protect the environment, our country or our planet.”

In his blog, Mr McMahon points out that despite only 12 per cent of the public supporting the continued exploration of fracking as a way to produce fuel, the Government continue to pursue it.

However, the MP states that figures suggest that a huge 79 per cent of the public support onshore wind projects and a move towards green energy.

He concluded: “We must wake up and intervene before this becomes irreversible. The Government act only in their own self-interest, they are in the pursuit of profit above all else and that includes our environment.”