KFC is about to become KFV - well, for one of its burgers at least.

Despite its reputation as a fast food chain renowned for its fried chicken, KFC is entering the vegan food market.

Following talks with PETA, KFC is introducing a vegan version of its signature fried chicken.

KFC announced the launch of a vegan chicken burger in the UK on Thursday.

This was due to more than 13,000 PETA supporters contacting KFC to ask the chain to add a vegan option to its menu.

The Imposter burger replaces the original chicken breast with a fillet made from Quorn, which is coated in the Colonel’s original recipe herbs and spices.

The burger has vegan mayonnaise, fresh iceberg lettuce and the traditional bun.

KFC is due to trial “The Imposter” burger in selected restaurants in London, Bristol and the Midlands from 17 June for a four-week period.

The fast food chain has recognised that vegan eating is on the rise in the UK.

There are reportedly over 3.5 million vegans in the country and more people are choosing plant-based foods to protect animals and the environment.

The burger will cost £2.99 on its own and £3.49 with a drink.

KFC is also due to trial a vegetarian dish, The Southern Fritter Stacker, in the form of a burger, wrap and ricebox from July 15 at the same locations.

If it’s successful, the vegetarian and vegan options could be extended across the country.