PROTESTERS have scaled the five-storey high roof at the Israeli-owned Ferranti Technologies factory in Oldham.

Campaigners climbed on to the roof claiming Ferranti's owners Elbit are making components for drones which drop bombs and carry out suveillance in Gaza.

Activists from the Manchester Palestine Action group also set up a peace camp on ground level at the Greenacres Road site.

Greater Manchester Police say no arrests have been made.

Adie Mormeck, from the action group told The Oldham Times: "I have seen for myself what those drones do to people. I was a teacher there for two years and while I was there two of my students were killed.

"We want the local population to know that Israel's largest manufacturer of deadly weapons is operating out of Oldham.

"We are are calling for a two way arms embargo between Britain and Israel to prevent the manufacture of drones that are killing people in Gaza."

Janet Hawkes, one of the protesters. added: "We are also calling on Elbert to be more honest about they are doing.

The company is called Ferranti, but it owned by Elbit, an Israeli which makes deadly weapons."

The Ferranti factory was bought by Elbit Systems in 2007, and several prior protests have taken place outside the site.

Ferranti has declined to comment.