POLICE have warned motorists to be careful after a number of people were defrauded by scammers pretending to parking wardens.

The victims, who were mostly elderly, were tricked into having their pin numbers recorded and bank cards taken away after being told they had illegally parked or been caught speeding.

Greater Manchester Police's economic crime unit has sent out warnings over the scam after receiving an increased number of reports.

A representative from the unit said the victims are approached in car parks by people pretending to be parking wardens or police officers who tell them they have been speeding or have parked illegally.

They are told they will face a "substantial fine" unless they pay a smaller on-the-spot penalty and are then asked to put their card into a tampered parking meter.

Police believe the suspects then watch and record people's pin numbers and the machines retain the cards, with victims told they must contact the car park operators.

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